The last thing you need is a car that won’t start due to a dead battery. Do a 10-minute seasonal battery check and follow these auto maintenance suggestions to avoid that costly service or tow charge (and the anxiety of being stranded!).


Auto parts stores carry the necessary tools, which include a cable puller, hydrometer, post cleaner or side terminal, and a set of wrenches. If the technician handles the battery service as part of factory-scheduled maintenance, you can avoid paying for it but maintain routine maintenance.

Here are some steps on how to maintain car batteries:


Coat the battery terminals with terminal spray to avoid corrosion

To stop corrosion, apply the terminal spray to the battery terminals. After cleaning, use the terminal spray to stop future corrosion on the battery terminals. As you hold the can 4 inches (10 cm) from the terminal, spray until the connection is completely coated. Next, mist the opposite terminal.

After reconnecting the battery, spray to prevent the terminal and connection point corrosion.

Vehicle parts retailers sell terminal spray. Utilize products exclusively intended for usage on battery connections.

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Clean the battery terminals every month.

Find the red cover to determine which side of the battery is positive first. Disconnect the negative side first at all times. Lift the wire and turn the bolt that connects the wires to the negative terminal counterclockwise. Repeat with the positive side, being careful not to come into contact with any metal components of the vehicle. Next, combine baking soda and water 1 to 1. After dipping a stiff-bristle brush into the mixture, clean both battery connections.

After finishing, use a damp cloth to clean the terminals.

Upon finishing, remember to reconnect the battery properly. Consistently reconnect the positive terminal first.

Battery terminal rust and corrosion reduce battery life and performance.


Wrap the battery in a heater to avoid damage from the cold

A battery heater can save your battery from dying in the winter if you live in a cold climate or when winter is coming. Essentially, these are coats that fit over the battery to provide warmth. Purchase a battery warmer from your local auto parts store according to the manufacturer’s installation guidelines.

Battery warmers come in two primary varieties. One method is to encircle the battery with insulating fabric. These are less efficient but less expensive. The second is a plug-in rubber coating that expands. This gives the battery additional insulation.

You may need to remove the battery entirely to cover certain warmers. Others have the warmer encircling the battery while it’s still in place. Regardless of the product you use, abide by the instructions.


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